From conception and strategy to design and implementation, Independent Projects creates premium websites for businesses.

As a business owner, you invest thousands of dollars in various tactics in order to introduce your product or service to new people.  You attend trade shows, conferences, networking events and chamber memberships. All of that is an investment. An investment to introduce your product or service to new people. An opportunity to make a sale. But, you wouldn’t attend a conference and sit quietly in a corner, would you? Then why invest in website if it’s just going to sit all along on the Internet? Your website needs to work for you 24/7. It should be your number one salesperson!

What makes Independent Projects an excellent choice for your website development project? It’s a simple answer. You can’t afford to waste your investment for a critical part of your business in the hands of the do-it-yourself templates or your friend’s college kid. You are investing not only money, but valuable time redesigning a site.

Our talented team has the skill set of marketing strategies, inbound marketing, graphic art, developing, project management and business development. The collaboration with us and your company creates a website that is designed perfectly for the need of your prospects and your customers.

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