You have a Facebook business page and a LinkedIn company page. Awesome! Do you know how many visitors, and more importantly, how many conversions are coming from your efforts from social? Do you truly understand what Facebook insights mean and why it’s important? Do you have someone randomly posting for you – let’s say: My marketing agency is posting 10 times per week on Facebook and tweeting 20 times per week on Twitter. That’s all you need, right? WRONG! It’s one thing to post on social, but it takes strategy to gain customers from social. With the algorithms constantly changing, you need a strong and capable strategy to actually convert your followers into leads. After all, if no one is buying your products or using your services from social media, what’s the point in having a Facebook business page, really? If you haven’t integrated your social media into other areas of marketing, you might need some help. Let’s evaluate your social media presence together and see if we can come up with some solutions for you!

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