Social media shouldn’t be about how many posts your publish to Facebook or how many tweets you did in one day. Your social media NEEDS to be integrated with your inbound marketing strategy. Social media has changed the fundamental nature of the brand/customer relationship. Social media alone can be ineffective, and most of the time it is. To really gain traction on social, it needs to be integrated. But integrated with what?

Email – Do you have social icons in your emails?

Search – Are your posts optimized for search?

Events/Trade Shows/Conferences – Attending a conference and not tweeting about it? – YIKES!

Blogging – How are you sharing your blogs with your social outreach – is it auto published? – YIKES!

Website – Can people easily find out how they connect with your brand on social via your website?

Business Cards – Is your Facebook URL or Twitter handle on your cards?

Integration is key and we should talk if you aren’t properly integrating your social with ALL of your marketing tactics.


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