Search engine optimization isn’t a one and done procedure (we call it procedure, because it can literally feel like performing surgery on a website). It is an on-going method of constant evaluations and adjustments to ensure your website consistently is ranking on what matters to your prospects. With the 15,000 changes Google continues to make in their algorithms, it’s beyond important to ensure you have the right partner working constantly behind the scene and making the adjustments necessary so that your site doesn’t drop in rankings.

What we do:

On-Page Optimization

Adding Optimized Text

  • Adding additional where needed, ensuring it aligns with the proper marketing strategy and branding/messaging
  • Optimize all inside page text (including adding headlines as needed)

Optimizing Site Code

  • Generate title and meta description tags for all pages
  • Add alt tags to all images
  • Add microdata declarations
  • Add Analytics code to all pages

Link Building

  • Add interior and outbound links to Home page
  • Add links to Interior pages throughout site
  • Sourcing outside websites for guest blog possibilities and proper link back opportunities

Offsite Optimization

  • Generate new sitemap
  • Upload sitemap to hosting server
  • Submit sitemap to webmaster
  • Create new robots.txt file and upload to hosting server

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