There are many tactics used in marketing that introduce your solutions or products to prospects. Search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, email marketing, social media, blogging, trade shows, conferences, radio, TV, direct mail.. the list goes on…and on….and on…and on…(you get the point). With all of those tactics, how do you really know what is really working and what’s a big, fat waste of money? Reporting and analytics! If your marketing agency isn’t reporting back on their progress and showing you real analytics, is it time to start questioning where your money is going? Why, yes…yes it is! As a HubSpot partner, we show our clients monthly how well we are doing and what we need to change going forward in order to produce the best results possible. The results are real, qualified leads that we then help the sales team close. You can have thousands of visitors to your website, but if no one is converting on your contact form, it’s time to re-evaluate where your dollars are going!

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