It’s one thing to create a solid inbound marketing strategy. It’s a whole other ball game to implement the strategy. You may have written a few great blogs, a fantastic eBook and created a series of white papers, but it won’t do you any good if it’s just sitting on your website somewhere not collecting leads. Every piece of content in a marketing strategy, whether it be an email, a blog or a social post must have a goal in mind. Creating a blog for your site and writing a few blogs with out a strategy is really just a bunch of words on a website. Without a proper implementation strategy in place, you’re putting in a lot of effort with little to no return. To implement a marketing strategy takes time and commitment to the goals set forth. A lot of hours will go into writing, designing, publishing and tracking and doing it all over again. Each each new quarter should come with a brand new strategy. Is your team prepared for those man hours?


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