April 12, 2016 Angela Myrtetus

Angela Myrtetus

Angela Myrtetus didn’t start out as an avid marketer, but the challenges and obstacles she endured educated her on business, management, organization and ability to really connect with customers. Growing up in a small town in Western, PA didn’t provide a tremendous amount of opportunity for education or “work”.  The summer after graduating high school, she didn’t even have a plan for college, nor the money to pay for it. But a stern talk with one of her best friends towards the end of that summer kicked her ass in gear and she applied for DuBois Business College. She knew it wasn’t much, but it was something. She learned the tools necessary to manage business procedures and growth. She busted her ass and found herself in the financial industry, working her way up the corporate ladder. She fell into marketing at a investment firm in King of Prussia and was hooked. Unfortunately, the fall of the financial industry put her out of work when she was pregnant with her first kid. After being home with her kids for a short time(now three), she went back to work in the corporate financial industry and drank the HubSpot “Kool-aid”. She was introduced to Square 2 Marketing, began working for them and fell in love with the agency world. Square 2 Marketing developed her skill set and love for inbound marketing and managing client accounts. She’s now the proud owner of her own Agency, Independent Projects and is a HubSpot partner.